Take control of your vaginal health with MyPathAdvantage.

Introducing a new, at-home vaginal health test designed with you in mind. Vaginal health concerns like recurrent infections, bacterial vaginosis and infertility affect many women—and they all start with the vaginal microbiome. That’s why our team of experienced and passionate pathologists have developed this advanced, in-depth vaginal health diagnostic test to diagnose bacteria in your vaginal microbiome, and to help arm you with the facts you need on your path toward better health.

Ready to find out about your vaginal microbiome? Ask your physician about the MyPathAdvantage vaginal health test.

Already received your test? Get instructions on collecting your sample.

How To Collect Your Sample
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Quick and easy, at-home vaginal microbiome testing.

Here’s what you can expect with the MyPathAdvantage vaginal health test:

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    Register your kit and collect your sample using the instructions above within 10 days.

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    As soon as MyPathAdvantage receives your sample, your test will be processed immediately.

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    A MyPathAdvantage pathologist will review your results, and send to your clinician within 48 hours.

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    Your clinician will contact you to discuss your test results.

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