MyPathAdvantage is an accurate, in-depth, at-home vaginal health diagnostic test.

Knowing what makes up your unique vaginal microbiome is the first step in avoiding and solving health issues related to vaginal health. That’s why our team of industry leading pathologists have developed an advanced microbiome testing kit for patients who want to take control of their vaginal health.

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We’re MyPathAdvantage, a pathologist-run, woman-owned laboratory dedicated to your gynecologic health. What sets us apart from other home testing companies? We generate your test results in our medical laboratory within 24 hours of receiving your sample because we believe women deserve answers that impact their health right away, not in 3-5 weeks. The vaginal test in our MyPathAdvantage kit is the same test we provide gynecologists to diagnose infections and other conditions. We are passionate about women’s health and our commitment shows in the way we serve our clinicians and patients.

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Meet Dr. Alexandra Gillespie

In 2001, Alexandra Gillespie, M.D. opened a different kind of pathology lab in North Texas — one that served patients with the same level of personal care they experienced with their clinicians. Now more than 20 years later, PathAdvantage leads the industry by putting patients first, using their doctors’ in-depth knowledge, extensive experience and advanced technology to deliver more accurate test results faster than other pathology labs.

Before she founded PathAdvantage, Medical Director Alexandra Gillespie, M.D. served as the director of cytology at Baylor University Medical Center in Dallas with a subspecialty in gynecologic pathology. As a board-certified pathologist, Dr. Gillespie has devoted herself to advancing the standard of healthcare for women through breakthrough pathology practices.

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