Comparison of traditional Pap smear slides with Liquid-Based Cytology (LBC) Pap tests. The top row shows smears with possible artifacts, while the bottom row displays clearer, well-preserved LBC samples, highlighting improved sample quality and diagnostic accuracy.

Don’t Call it a Pap Smear: How Your “Well-Woman” Exam Evolved 

Meet LBC Pap tests, the latest advancement over the Pap smear.
Woman sitting on a couch using a laptop to read about vaginal discharge and what it indicates

What Is Your Vaginal Discharge Telling You?

What is normal for vaginal discharge? Here is a guide to the appearance and texture of vaginal discharge and what…
Postpartum mother in underwear holding baby, highlighting recovery and vaginal health

Postpartum Recovery & Vaginal Health

Read our quick guide to help navigate the healing and care of your postpartum vaginal recovery.

Stress & Your Vaginal Health

Stress affects hormones, the immune system, gut microbiome and your vaginal health! Learn why stress management is crucial for your…

Help! How Do I Tell the Difference Between A Yeast Infection, Aerobic Vaginitis or BV

Itching, Burning, Discharge! When you have something unpleasant going on down below, it may take a minute—or even a doctor’s…

The Role of Hormones in Vaginal Health: Birth Control, Menopause, Pregnancy and More

Hormones impact not only your mood but shape every stage of women’s reproductive health from puberty to menopause!

Best Underwear for Your Vagina 

Discover the benefits of wearing the best underwear for vaginal health. Cotton, fit, and style matter!

Vaginal Infections, Vaginal Testing & Pregnancy: Safe for Baby?

When it comes to pregnancy, women know that taking care of their health is the number one priority. Unfortunately, developing…

Vaginal Dryness, Menopause and Your Microbiome

If you’ve ever suffered vaginal dryness in silence, we’re here to set the record straight. About 20 percent of women…

What Is Normal Vaginal Flora?

Your vaginal flora is another term for the vaginal microbiome, the mixture of good and harmful bacteria inside the vagina. Most…

How to Treat Recurrent Yeast Infections

Recurrent yeast infections can be frustrating. Learn more about the underlying causes and know what treatment options are available

What’s Normal Vaginal Odor and What’s Not?

Want to learn more about your microbiome with MyPathAdvantage? Talk to your doctor to find out if it’s right for…
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