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Stress affects hormones, the immune system, gut microbiome and your vaginal health! Learn why stress management is crucial for your well-being.

Hormones impact not only your mood but shape every stage of women’s reproductive health from puberty to menopause!

When it comes to pregnancy, women know that taking care of their health is the number one priority. Unfortunately, developing a vaginal infection is one risk pregnant women face. Infections can cause complications during pregnancy so early detection and treatment are of utmost importance.  Types of Vaginal Infections in Pregnancy Vaginal infections may be caused […]

If you’ve ever suffered vaginal dryness in silence, we’re here to set the record straight. About 20 percent of women who menstruate experience some dryness, and up to 83 percent of postmenopausal women are bothered by vaginal dryness.  It’s an experience many women have — so there’s no need to feel awkward or embarrassed. And […]

Your vaginal flora is another term for the vaginal microbiome, the mixture of good and harmful bacteria inside the vagina. Most of the bacteria present in a healthy vagina are of the type Lactobacillus, which you can think of as ‘good’ bacteria. Different strains of Lactobacillus produce lactic acid and hydrogen peroxide, which guard against infections, […]

Recurrent yeast infections can be frustrating. Learn more about the underlying causes and know what treatment options are available

Putting a stop to recurrent UTIs will take working with your healthcare provider and practicing some health and lifestyle steps.

Vaginal products infused with CBD and THC, active ingredients in cannabis, are hitting drug store shelves. But they could hurt your vaginal microbiome.

Maintaining healthy vaginal care may not be something you think about but there are ways to prevent infections, limit irritations, and ease discomfort.

Get answers to the most common FAQs about vaginal discharge and vaginal microbiome, and information about your vagina’s bacteria.

Vaginal infections can be annoying, but they also can be more serious. Some, like bacterial vaginosis, can keep you from getting pregnant. Find more about the vaginal microbiome and how this infection disrupts it.

Preventing vaginal infections starts with maintaining a balanced vaginal microbiome. Here’s what you need to know about keeping your vagina healthy.